"Oh My...LOVED...Today...Everyday": A Fall Anniversary LO | Citrus Twist

Hello Everyone! I love October so much! It is just the best month ever! I love the pumpkins, I love the falling leaves, I looooooove Halloween! And I super duper love this month, October, because this is when I met my hubby. We met in October 2005. And we immediately fell in love and started dating! And then, about a year and a half later we got engaged, and then about a year and a half after that we got married...also in October. October 17th is our wedding anniversary! And every year, we make something special for each other and we go out at least once, sometimes a couple of times...to celebrate our anniversary! This year, we have a couple fun outings planned. And for my handmade gift for my hubby, I created this layout for him, which commemorates our anniversary and our love for each other!

I used the oh so awesome October “Waverly” kit from Citrus Twist! I am super excited to be a new member of the Citrus Twist team and this is my very first layout that I have made as a Design Team member!!! Yaaaaaaay! Anyhow, I wanted to share with you this lovely little layout I made and go through the steps for it, so that you can make something similar to celebrate you and your love this fall. Whether or not your anniversary is this month, I think Fall is a time for love...it's just in the air. We fall in love in Autumn, as easily as the leaves fall from the trees!

For this layout, I wanted to do something special, vintage feeling, and elegant. I decided to use elements that I thought really captured my love for my husband, our relationship, and our October anniversary. I chose the bird patterned paper from Crate Paper's Gather collection by Maggie Holmes because my hubby and I call each other “love birds”. I chose the piece of vintage book paper because it was vintage but also because of the feeling it gives...like it is a page from our love story. I like the implication that it gives too, that each anniversary is a new chapter in our marriage. I love that the words across the top of the page say “home again” because Ryan is my home. I used the gold glitter thickers that say “loved” from Gather and the little black labels that were part of the exclusive cut apart sheet from Citrus Twist, to create my title – “oh my...LOVED...today...everyday”. I am so very very loved today and everyday of my life because of Ryan. Our love is very special and I wanted to make this layout for Ryan to let him know that he too is so loved by me...always. I used the word “always” at the top of the page with a chipboard sticker and I added a couple little labels with it at the top of the page too, which have the date of our wedding, and today's date on them (stamped and written out).

I used a leaf to add a bit of Fall flair to the page. To embellish my layout, I added a vintage button, a cute brad, and an exclusive flair button from the kit that says “this story”. At the bottom of the page, I used a little bit of washi tape and to that I added a couple of little “x” stickers for more depth. To make a sweet decorative paperclip, I used the adorable tassels from the kit and strung them on so they dangled down the side of the page.  I also decided to do some hand-stitching here and there around the layout, to give it more of a "handmade from the heart" feel.

To finish, I wrote “happy anniversary on the vintage book page....to give the layout the feeling of a kind of card. I think it is better than a card though...because it holds at its center, a picture of me and my beloved...one of my favorite pictures from our engagement shoot...which I think really helps tell the story of our love!

I hope this has inspired you to make a special layout this Fall season, for the one you fall for everyday! And please, check out the new Citrus Twist “Waverly” kit...its perfect for October and Fall and if you want to see a cool haul video for it, you can find one on my YouTube channel...Fairytale Scrapbook!

"Happy October" Layout | Crate Paper

Hello everybody! I'm so happy that it is fall! It is by far the best time of year! And since October is also the best, most special and magical month, I thought I would do a fun fall layout about October and how very happy it makes me! I wanted to use the Gather collection by Maggie Holmes because it is so very beautiful and full of lovely Autumnal colors and graceful images that evoke the magic of the season.

For my layout, I used the pretty typed patterned paper from the Gather collection as my background and laid my fall pictures directly on it. I used five 3x5 photos that are some of my favorite fall pics I have ever taken...all from a day at the nearby pumpkin patch with my hubby. It was our 5th anniversary and I told my hubby Ryan I wanted to pick out some pumpkins and walk around outside there because it was so beautiful. It is one of my favorite memories. Ryan took me there simply because he knew it would make me happy. I wanted the layout to reflect that happiness.

Since these pics were from a couple Octobers ago, I have used pics of Ryan and I together from that trip to scrap other layouts and such, but I wanted this time to do something that just had pics of me from Ryan's point of view. Since there were so many special photos that I wanted to use, I chose to keep the layout pretty simple. I used leaves from the sticker sheet and the ephemera pack to give that fall feel. I added a rose and also some word stickers that express the moment like “blessed” and “#love this”.

To make my title, I used the chipboard word “happy” and then wrote the word “October” on a little piece of aqua blue patterned paper...on which, I hand sewed a little zig-zag to emphasize my title. I added some other touches of blue to the page like the decorative paperclip I made using some thread and some aqua tassels. I had fun using the ephemera pieces from Gather to add touches that I think fill in the story, like the wreath that captures that fall feel, the “best day” piece that shows what a great day it was, and the camera piece which portrays the love I feel for my favorite photographer – my hubby.

Thank you Ryan, for taking these photos, so that I can always remember this beautiful fall day and how happy October makes me...mostly I think because it is when we met and also the month in which we chose to marry!

To everyone else, thank you so much for checking out my layout, made with the oh so gorgeous new Gather collection by Maggie Holmes! I hope you now feel inspired to make a happy fall layout of your own and that this October is as special to you as all October's since I met my Ryan, have been to me!

Hey Girl Card: National Card Making Day | Crate Paper

Hello Everyone! It's me, Andrea again, and today I want to share with you a little card that I did in celebration of National Card Making day! It's National Card Making day today, if you didn't know, and so I made this little card to celebrate!

I don't usually make a lot of cards. Instead I have always been more about layouts and mini albums and home decor when it comes to my scrapbooking and crafting life. However, more and more lately I have tried to become a “card maker” :-) ! And it's really fun actually to make cards! It's not that I thought it wouldn't be...I just didn't know that it would feel so good to make these little guys!  Cards are just so cool because they are fairly quick and simple and it feels rewarding when you complete them, which I like. It's not that I will stop doing the other projects, but I like doing cards in between those bigger projects because of how satisfying it is. 

I do worry sometimes that the people I give the cards to wont appreciate it...but not with this card. This card I made using Crate Paper's Cute Girl collection and it is for a dear friend who I know will appreciate it because she is a maker too! 

For my card, I chose the patterned paper with the little houses on it...so cute! I love that paper! To go with the paper, I used the chipboard sticker houses that match, and I lined them up inside a polka dot frame I put in the center of the card. I backed my framed houses with some of the mint polka dot paper from Cute Girl. 

At the top of the card I added a little tab which I stapled on. I also added stickers from the cardstock, chipboard and puffy stickers sets, that say “love you so”, “friend” and “so sweet”...all to add different dimension and texture to my card and also because I think those words are just so fitting for this card to my sweet friend!

To finish off the front of the card, I added a paperclip with a couple of the super adorable tassels, from Cute Girl, hanging from it. 

On the inside of the card, I used the chipboard words “hey girl” and I wrote “i miss you”. I really do miss my friend because I haven't seen or talked to her much lately. She used to live in SoCal but she lives in a different state now and it is hard to keep in touch with her sometimess...I always wish she would move back...like maybe next door to my house! Anyways, I just wanted to send her a card to let her know that I miss her and I am thinking of her! I hope that I have inspired you today to make a special card for one of your dear friends to celebrate National Card Making day!

A Cool Birthday Card | Crate Paper

Hello Everyone! It's Andrea and I am so excited to share with you today a fun little boy's birthday card that I made using the “Cool Kid” collection by Crate Paper! I have an awesome nephew, named Cole, who has a birthday coming up and I wanted to make him a really cool card that he would want to keep for hopefully years to come.

To make the card, I began by choosing some of the cool patterned paper from the collection to use to fold in half for the background of the card. I chose to fold the “handsome” patterned paper, however I folded the paper unevenly so that there would be a little bit of hangover on the right side of the card which shows the other side of the patterned paper (a cute little stripe) when the card is closed.

For the front of the card, I used a combination of cute embellishments from the “Cool Kid” collection. I decorated the front with a little piece of ephemera from the ephemera pack that says “boys will be boys”. I use that piece as my center and around it I use some other embellishments like a little arrow sticker, some star stickers (puffy and flat), an arrow that says “awesome”, a puffy sticker that says “little dude”, and a couple rubber shapes – an adorable t-rex dinosaur and a cute little puppy face!

I added a little decorative paperclip that I've made using a plain paperclip and adding to it a teeny flag of blue patterned paper called “brothers”...and with that the front of my card is done.

For the inside of the card, since it is a birthday card, I write in black script “happy birthday to you” and add some sticker stars and a fantastic paper airplane to finish things off. I love the way the card came out, with it's awesome little boy aesthetic! I tried to make it keeping in mind the kind of things that I thought my nephew would like, like the dinosaur and the puppy! I tried to also reflect Cole's personality with things like the “little dude” phrase and the “boys will be boys” because Cole is the kind of cool, strong and courageous little boy that is his own person, with a fun personality that is both super sweet and a little mischievous sometimes!

I love Cole so much and even though he is growing up more and more all the time (and I know teenage years are just around the corner, sadface), he will always be my sweet little nephew who loves video games and puppies and big hugs!!! Happy Birthday Cole!!!! And to all of you out there who have a special boy of your own to wish a happy day to, I hope I have inspired you to use the super rad “Cool Kid” collection to make a fun card for your cool kid!!!

Color Reveal: Custom Notebooks | Crate Paper

Hello there scrappy people! It's me, Andrea! Today I want to share with you some of the super amazing new Color Reveal notebooks by Crate Paper that I personalized into special journaling notebooks using some paint and a few Crate Paper puffy sticker words! I love to paint and I was so excited to see all the new Color Reveal goodies by Crate Paper! There are just so many cool things you can do with the products because you get to play around with paint and make each piece into a special art piece that is one of a kind and made just for you!

I especially could not wait to start playing with the notebooks that come in the collection. I have been wanting to buy some notebooks for a while now that I could use to keep some more personal journaling in. I wanted a notebook where I could write about things like my disability (my CRPS pain) and also a notebook where I could keep thoughts about my faith and my God who I know loves me and is helping me through all the pain! These are very personal things and I wanted a place to put these thoughts that I knew would be special, personalized and just for me. The “Color Reveal” notebooks are perfect for this kind of a personal journaling project!

For the notebook that I am going to use to write about my condition and the difficult journey that it is, I chose the notebook with the large gold foil triangle and I painted it with some guache paint (which is very similar to watercolors) and also a little bit of acrylic paint as well, in some of my fave colors right now. I decided to do a bit of a drip effect to the notebook just to add a little more depth and visual weight to the way I painted the rest of the notebook which is a lot more airy and lighthearted. I think this plus the  “be brave” puffy stickers that I added to the front of the book really help convey the tone of what is inside.

For my faith notebook, I chose the polka dot notebook, which I thought had a little bit more of a bright, happy look to it which I made feel even more happy by painting a fun rainbow effect to the notebook. I think this plus the puffy stickers that spell out “love” (and the heart) just really help to say what this book is all about – my love for God, who is love itself!

I can't wait to start journaling in these notebooks and I hope I have inspired you to grab some “Color Reveal” notebooks for yourself and begin a personal writing journey that starts with some super fun painting!

Love Love Loving It! - A layout | Hip Kit Club

Hello Everyone! Today I’m excited to share with you a layout and a tag I made with the theme of “beautiful blooms”! I love flowers and I always have. Roses…especially the mini roses that are often called fairy or “pixie” roses! Those are my favorites! I wanted to scrapbook this picture of an outing with my hubby Ryan where he had me pick out some roses. I picked up a ton of the bouquets because they were all so lovely!

For my layout using this picture I decided to use the awesome flower cut-files for this month along with our awesome August Hip Kit club kits! I used both the flowers designed by Ashley Horton and the ones designed by Kim Watson and I combined them in this layout with some of the pretty floral patterned paper that comes in the kit.

I used the Saturday by Dear Lizzy yellow flowered paper and did some fussy cutting of the blooms. For my background, I layered a few different sheets of patterned paper up from Crate Paper and Dear Lizzy, to create a nice frame for my floral bouquet of a layout!

For my embellishments, I used a variety of elements that I thought added a lot of depth and charm to the look of my layout. I sprinkled pink enamel dots here and there from the Cute Girl mixed embellishment pack and added a little golden bow from that pack to the top of my layout too.

For my title, I used the script word “love” from the Amy Tangerine ephemera pack (which I painted pink to match the pinks in my layout), the cool black and white chipboard thickers to spell “love”, and the phrase “loving it” which I cut out of the Oh Happy Life cut apart sheet, and together these spelled out “love, love, loving it”. My title, of course, referring to my love of these amazing roses which just always put a smile on my face….and so does my awesome hubby who still remembers to buy me flowers every once in a while, just because!

For my little tag, I decided to reflect my layout and do a cute little tag, cut from some of the Dear Lizzy Saturday small floral patterned paper, a little phrase I cut out from the Amy Tangerine ephemera pack that says “good times” and one of the lovely floral cutfiles which I painted! I hope you like my layout and my tag and that I have inspired you to have some fun with flowers on your scrappy projects today!

Cute Girls Love Comic Books | Hip Kit Club

Hi everybody, it's Andrea! Today I'm sharing with you a layout that I made using the super fun August Hip Kit Club kits.

There is a really cute, multi-colored, rainbow patterned paper in the kit by Amy Tangerine that I really wanted to use as soon as I saw it. It says “happy” all over it, and I thought it would be perfect to document a recent trip to see the movie, “Suicide Squad” with my hubby. The movie is based on DC Comic books, and I'm a huge comic book nerd.

A lot of the patterned papers and embellishments have that really fun, playful, comic book kind of vibe, so it was a perfect match.

I hope you enjoy my layout and that I've inspired you to use a lot of fun colors and patterns in your scrapbooking today. Remember to be playful and have fun.

P.S. Yes, I am dressed up as Harley Quinn from the movie in this picture. Have a happy, scrappy day.

One Sweet Jar! | Crate Paper

Hello Everyone! I don't know about you, but I was blown away by the new "Gather" collection by Maggie Holmes! I just love it! It is like fall mixed with unicorns and ballerinas and pretty much all my favorite things! As soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to use it to make not only mini albums and layouts and cards, but also home decor pieces because it's just the perfect collection to use to make something pretty for your house! I found some really cute teal colored mason jars with copper lids and they practically called out to me to be altered into something adorable for my newly redecorate bedroom, using the "Gather" collection! 

I wanted the jar to have a "fall" kind of style to it but not in an obvious way so that I could keep it out all year too. I decided to fill the inside of the jar with a couple of the pretty leaves that come in the ephemera pack and the beautiful transparency ballerina.

On the outside of the mason jar, I put a few chipboard hearts and I stuck the cute little crepe paper embellishment to the lid.

For the tag that I made to tie onto the jar, I used some of the pretty patterned paper in the 6x6 pad and sewed onto it the chipboard word "sweet". I decorated the tag with a little bow and a little wood swan button from the mixed embellishment pack. I also added a little sticker that says "the little things"...which to me are the sweetest in life! To add a little extra something special to the tag, I attached some of the mini tassels from the collection to hang from the tag. 

I really love how my "sweet jar" turned out and to me it's a reminder to be grateful and appreciate all the little, sweet things in life that are in themselves, precious miracles that make life worth living...  Falling leaves, lovely memories, holding hands with the one you love, and making pretty things...these are the kinds of little things that just fill my heart up! I hope this has inspired you to make a "sweet jar" of your own filled with things that make you smile and with a little tag "reminder" of how beautiful this world is!